APT Rocket.Build Academy 2017

What is APT Rocket.Build Academy?

It is an environment that is dedicated to promoting the multi-value software platform authored by Rocket Software by means of supporting people who enter the competition at one of the most important parts of their careers - the beginning !

In further years, we will build on this to build an eco-system of people who learn more about multi-value environments helping students work with software companies across many industries who are keen to support us and be involved. 


What's in it for me ?

Everything has to start somewhere and for us, it is the introduction of a competition. By entering the competition  there is a chance to win £5,000 together with a trip to Boston to experience working with the Rocket engineers who are responsible for building these platforms

However, the chance of winning first prize is only part of what you will get from entering:

An experience you'll never forget

The competition is being supported by a large number of software professionals who will be available via social media and direct questions to help you with your project. These software professionals have real experience of building both small and large systems and would not be normally available to you.

Whatever project you decide to work on, you will be building something which will have ongoing benefits to your work both as a student and a potential employee.

We will give you excellent feedback on the work you submit from industry professionals. This will include a certificate of competence for all of our entrants which we are happy for you to share.

Access to a product that is in use by thousands of users every single day FOR FREE. Rocket software powers many of the fortune 500 companies in the USA and is very relevant for you to be involved in.


Why would I want to use it?

Not only gain great experience, but increase your potential job offers. Recently, one student who had been working with this technology for a family friend for a short period of time (less than 3 months) approached the Industry Recruiter and had 5 companies make them offers of employment!


What next ?

Whilst we are still asking for entrants, the website will remain a staging post giving you information about the competition and insight into the people behind it. As the competition progresses, together with our social media support group we will be adding more information into the members only area to help you with your development project.

We will provide you with a complete development platform with all of the Rocket products you are entitled to use as part of the competition. You can use other products as well (as long as they are not competitor products to the Rocket platform) but MUST use the UniData database as the core data repository of anything you do. An example of this is using Python to deliver some external function called directly from the UniData basic programming language.

If your are tempted to enter but unsure of what to develop, remember that Rocket software is used in every walk of life from banking to tracking bags being checked in at major airports. The first step is to enter the competition, if you do not know what your idea is, just put in 'still thinking about it' and start to learn about the software itself.

Ask around for things which may be a problem for others which you could help with, this could be helping a friend with their buy to let portfolio or helping parents choose the school meals for their children at school. Once you get the idea, start sketching it out and then apply the software to the solution.

The first thing is to put your entry in and start the ball rolling and give yourself a chance to win the £5,000 first prize (plus the trip to Boston). Even if you do not win, our judging panel will give you feedback on your entry and provide you with proof of the competency you have achieved which can help you find employment when you leave University.

Stuart Shepherd

Managing Director

APT Solutions Limited

Welcome to APT RocketBuild.Academy

A Virtual Event In Memory of George Land

Andy Youniss
President and CEO
Rocket Software

Stuart Shepherd
Managing Director
APT Solutions Limited